Eating Peanuts Has One Major Effect, Says Dietitian


When you learn what this cuisine can do for you, you'll go insane!

There are many benefits to consuming peanuts and peanut-based goods such as peanut butter and extra virgin peanut oil, but one of the most important is that they may help you live longer.

You read that correctly. America's favorite nut is one of the most nutrient-dense foods available, and it can help you live longer.

Peanuts are high in healthy fats, protein, fiber, and over 25 critical elements, including B vitamins and key amino acids and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. They also include a wide range of bioactive chemicals that have been linked to improved heart health and other benefits in studies.

Peanuts are a superfood, providing 7 grams of high-quality, plant-based protein per ounce (about a handful). Peanut protein is plant-based; therefore, it contains other components that promote good health, such as fiber, antioxidants, and beneficial phytonutrients. Studies suggest that numerous phytonutrients increase when peanuts are cooked or roasted, making them even healthier.

Peanuts are high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are proven to help lower heart disease risk. Unsaturated fats, such as those found in butter, full-fat dairy products, and fatty meats, are recommended by health organizations such as the American Heart Association.

Peanuts are extremely satisfying and can aid weight loss because of their high fiber and protein content. Protein and fiber work together to slow digestion, reduce appetite, and increase fullness during meals and snacks.

High-quality protein has been shown in studies to help manage hunger hormones, while fiber increases the feeling of fullness and helps people maintain a healthy weight. This is probably why people who consume peanuts and other nuts regularly are less likely to be over weight or obese than people who don't.

According to a study published in JAMA, Peanuts may help you live a longer, healthier life. The researchers discovered that those who said they liked peanuts and other nuts were much less likely to die from any cause, especially heart disease, during the study period. One of the most important advantages of peanuts over tree nuts is their low cost. Several additional major studies involving thousands of people have found that eating peanuts as part of a healthy plant-based diet will help you live longer.

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